We are so grateful for our Leadership Givers!

These generous donors gave $1,000 or more to the 2015-2016 United Way Community Campaign!

Mr. Albert Amato

Mr. Steven Andersen

Mr. and Mrs. Mike & Mary Beatty

Ms. Angela F. Brooks

Mr. Robert Callies

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Coggeshall

Mr. Robert A. Decker

Mr. Charles Doyle

Mr. Matthew Doyle

Mary S. Ferris

Ms. Deborah Ford

Ms. Lorrie Fuller

Ms. Candace Fulton

Mr. Cornelius T. Geary

JD Johnson

Rob and Kenna Kasten

Ms. Sherry Konecny

Mr. J. Scott Kusnerik

Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Langston

Mr. Thomas LeGrand

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene & Betty Lucas

Ms. Mitzi Maceo

Mr. George Macke

Mr. Harvey Michaels

Ken Mills

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Mohn

Mr. Sean P. Murphy

Ms. Cheryl Nowlin

Mr. Garvin O’Neil

Mr. Bruce Pavelka

Ms. Cheri Pierson

Rev. & Mrs. Ray and Vivian Pinard

Ms. Theresa Price

Mr. Bill Provenzano

Mr. Fred Raschke

Mr. Jimmy Rasmussen

Mr. Allan Rasmussen

Mr. Bill Ray

Mr. Benny Ray Rusk

Mr. and Mrs. Barbara & D.M. Sasser

Mr. Bill Watson

Mrs. Jamie Weir

Lindsey White

Mr. John Williams

Ms. Dottie R. Williams