United Way of Galveston and Vision Galveston are joining forces to make sure Galveston Island is being accurately accounted for in the upcoming 2020 Census through Count Galveston.

Count Galveston is a 2020 Census initiative that is focused on outreach within Hard to Count (HTC) groups with the goal of a complete count for Galveston. We are working side-by-side with Vision Galveston to engage our community around an awareness campaign to encourage a response. From now through the month of April, we will be mobilizing resources within the community, specifically the nonprofit, civic, and faith-based sectors. We will be coordinating messaging around the safety and importance of Census 2020, and providing support where needed including funding, materials, and volunteers. Click here to learn more about Census 2020.

See the full map at www.censushardtocountmaps2020.us


We have multiple opportunities for you to get involved; submit an event where you think Census education would be impactful, become a #CountGalveston ambassador, attend a Census Ambassador Training, and utilize the ‘Yes! to Census’ toolkit to help spread the word!

Census Resources