Hi, friends!

We felt like the whole world could use a smile right now, so we started in our own backyard. Or front yard – whichever you consider the beautiful beaches of Galveston to be 🙂

If you’re on this page, chances are you saw or heard about our shenanigans on the Seawall on April 1. You’re either wondering what in the heck we were doing (giving you a reason to smile), or you’re looking for photos (ta-daaaa!). Either way, we have you covered. 

Anywho, our only purpose was to make you smile, and raise awareness about the work we are doing to CHANGE EVERYTHING for the better. If you grinned, that makes us grin! If you learned something by reading through our website, that makes us grin even bigger.

THANK YOU to our volunteers from Ball High School (Mrs. Norfolk, Isabella Gavin, Sunny Higgins, Maia Kraft, Chloe Stein, and Ella Sullivan), Clear Brook High School (Elise Jameson and Sophia Ashmawee-Garcia), and the Galveston Island Park Board of Trustees (Neil Murphy/Armstrong, Sydney Macapagal, and Roger Velasquez) for helping us with this foolish and fun Friday morning!

We hope you loved our antics, and we hope we brightened your day the way you always brighten ours.

United Way of Galveston’s Volunteers, Staff and Board of Directors

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Here’s our gallery of professional photos from Plan-It-Ink’s Treyva Wygle